Tracy Takaki
Tracy Takaki before....
Tracy Takaki as she appears in The Insanity 2


late 30's


Edgar Friendly,Project K and other vivisects.


The Langdon brothers


facial deformity(burnt face)


Acid spillage


nurse(before the incident) and Edgar's assistant


5'9: 175 cm

Tracy Takaki (トレイシー・高来 Toreishi Takaki) is nothing more than a frail minded girl who's love for Edgar is so deep that she allows him to sculpt her into one of his Pigmalion-esque 'experiments' to be with him. She lies to herself that all that is happening is just a game. She is the one who deep-down is completely aware of the terrible irregularity of it all, and yet her love obscures her righeous beliefs and she foolishly expects he will somehow revert back to his once normal mentality once the Doctor is playing around. In the prequel, The Insanity 2, she appears normal. But she tries to kill investigative reporter, Peter Langdon with a knife. And as Langdon tossed a jug of sulphuric acid on her face, she managed to escape through asecret passage way. In the first Insanity, she appears to be even more mutilated than in the prequel. She will appear in the third Insanity, with...'probably the same' face like in the first Insanity.


-Her appearance is based on the urban legend of the 'Kuchisake Onna' or 'The torn mouthed woman'

-The Tracy Takaki model in The Insanity is none other than Kris' wife Keiko.

-Edgar and Tracy were together since they met. She was still a nurse and his assistant.

-There is a huge mistake because of the timelines of the insanity 1 and 2; in the first insanity Tracy said that it was Edgar who made (deformed) her that way; but in the second insanity, it is revealed that it was Peter Langdom who made (deformed) her that way by throwing acid to her face.

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